The Stag Party in Krakow

The Stag Party in Krakow

I had only ever planned to use Warsaw as a stop over in getting to Krakow. Krakow is where you wanted to go I kept getting told, see Auschwitz and all that. After 24 hours though I was torn about leaving Warsaw, given the fun I had found in a place that was just a stop off. The weather was still good and I had a list of items on my to do list that never saw the flash of my camera.

Even so I was pulled to Krakow. Partly because I wanted to visit Auschwitz and even with it having turned into such a tourist thing to do, there is just something about seeing it with your own two eyes. I had also planned to meet up with a Dutch friend I made in Stockholm as they were keen to check out Auschwitz as well.

So after my slight sleep in (hey take it when you can get it folks) I packed my ever faithful backpack and we headed off for the train ride south. Not an hour into the ride the rain began, instantly regretting leaving Warsaw I prayed it would stop so I could find my hostel and not get soaked in the process.

Alas as my trusty stead of a train pulled into the station the rain just seemed to get heavier and heavier. This resulted in another first for me… catching a local taxi. I hate taxi’s at the best of times, most of them charge a fortune and its all made worse when your in a country and you don’t speak the language. The alternative was being left with a long walk in the rain. As you can guess the taxi ride won out and while I don’t believe it cost me a fortune I swear I went around in one massive circle.

Checking into the hostel and drying my gear, I headed to the hostel bar for a refreshment and found a bunch of English lads celebrating a stag party. The problem with meeting up with guys that love to drink just as much as I do you ask? Well it generally means I wake the next morning with a lack of memory and a wallet no longer full of money.

So in case you’ve never partied with an English stag party let this be a lesson to you all… DON’T, unless you want to be broke and hungover the next day of course. The drinking began at the hostel where drinking games involving a pool table competition warmed us up before a feast put on by the hostel filled out bellies.

With sufficient confidence built up thanks to beer/vodka/unknown alcohol shots we ventured into the unknown of Krakow. Not 5 minutes down the road and I suddenly found myself following these lads to a strip club (I should have known it was a stag party after all). Entering a building that looked like a place people could be taken and chopped up the boys were slightly reluctant to enter the elevator, but we went in anyway as after all boys will be boys.

The groom to be was suitably “entertained” while we downed beer that I refused to check the price on for fear of it costing as much as the hostel did for the night. After a grand lap dance for the groom on stage that was almost as entertaining as the sex clubs in Amsterdam we ventured back into the cold of Krakow.

The lads now full of confidence found yet another club to visit only this one required a car ride to who knows where. It’s funny but thinking back now, we were more worried about going into the first place than getting into cars with complete strangers… oh beer you fill me with such confidence.

Entering the club and sitting down we were immediately surrounded by beautiful women all vying for our attention and the chance to convince us spending 30 euro for a 10 minutes lap dance would be worth it. I saw the problem but in a state of alcohol euphoria and surrounded by women that just wanted me for my money I was helpless.

The rest of the night is where my memory turns into a black hole of nothingness. I do remember that a cash run was commissioned, someone bough a bottle of champagne and I caught a taxi home alone from god knows where and for god knows how much.

Nobody said travel wouldn’t be entertaining that’s for sure!!

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4 Responses to The Stag Party in Krakow

  1. ANDREA December 2, 2010 at 7:00 PM #

    I really enjoy how people from the UK take their stag and hens parties on the road. Some Scottish friends of ours got married earlier this year and they each had their parties in another city like Amsterdam. I’ve never been invited to one that was out of town, but it would be great fun!

    • THE AUSSIE NOMAD December 2, 2010 at 8:21 PM #

      Andrea, it was down right crazy. Those boys were in town to have fun that’s for sure. The day after however you could see the pain from so much fun on their faces. But hey it’s a stag party it wouldn’t be right if they didn’t go hard.

  2. AYNGELINA December 3, 2010 at 5:21 AM #

    30 Euro for 10 minutes! It better be good for that price you could buy a girl beer at a bar and take her home for the night!

    • THE AUSSIE NOMAD December 3, 2010 at 9:23 PM #

      haha Ayngelina indeed you could. Overall I had a lot of fun with the boys but damn their budget was much MUCH higher than I had for a night like that.

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