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Picking A Video Camera For Travel (Win A JVC Video Camera)

Growing up my mum always got out the video camera and took footage of birthdays, christmases and other online casino australia legal real money important events. Once I was old enough to appreciate what she did with that big bulky bit of equipment way back in the 80’s I’ve wanted to record my life events to show my children and family as its been a great way to relive past […]


A Guide To Help You Travel Abroad In 2015

At the beginning of the year many people start putting a lot of thought into what they plan to do with themselves for the following 12 months, their New Years resolution. School is out (perhaps for good) and you’ve hopefully wrangled a couple of weeks holiday from the office to bask in the glorious sunshine. It’s time to get wild, dream big and perhaps take those first steps in planning […]


5 Tips To Keep Your Travel New Year Resolution

As we closed the door on 2013 I’m sure many of you set wild and crazy New Year Resolutions for 2014 that you’ll try to keep (at least for the first few days). For those of you setting your sights on travelling more this year I want to say just one thing, please please please keep that one. You could plan that big gap year escape to Europe you always […]


Tips For An Irish Road Trip

The irish road trip is somewhat of a must do if you are planning to visit the emerald isle. Sure there is train and bus links to many parts of the country but to really SEE Ireland, you need to get out there on your own and drive it. Having your own car frees you to drive little scenic roads, take as much time as you want at the many […]


Travel Gadgets, Plugs and Adapters

It’s easy to go overboard when buying up travel gadgets, plugs and adapters for your pending trip. Having come from a background working in IT I know better than others just how addictive it is to have the latest and greatest. In the last three years of travel and living abroad however I’ve found the best gadgets for the job are often the most simple ones. It’s a fact proved […]


Cheapest Ways To Travel Europe

Europe is THE destination for many would be travellers and backpackers looking to take a gap year or just spend a summer break abroad. Many of those travellers also want to do it as cheap as possible so having experienced Europe myself I wanted to share what I’ve learnt to be the cheapest ways to travel Europe whether you are taking a bus, train or aeroplane. Now there are many […]