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How Much Did It Cost – Warsaw & Krakow Budget

Oh Poland I adore you. Some countries I just wanted to see. Not for any particular reason, something just clicked inside and said you know what I can’t wait to see Poland. The 10 hour over night bus ride from Vilnius almost killed me but Poland put it all right. With just a one night stay in Warsaw (wish it had been longer) and a few days spent in Krakow […]


Don’t Kick Me Off The Train

After my visit to Auschwitz the previous day and my friend that came to explore Krakow leaving today, it was time for me to be moving on as well. Krakow had grown on me since arriving in the pouring rain and now that I had warmed up to it, it was time to depart. Parting ways with my friend I booked my train ticket for the night train and wasted […]


Paying My Respects At Auschwitz

To date Krakow was all about having a good time so to bring myself back to earth today was going to be Auschwitz day. Opting to catch the local bus instead of the expensive tour option (local bus is a breeze and super cheap) we hopped aboard and relaxed while checking out some of the Polish countryside. Arriving at Auschwitz there is no wandering around on your own, you need […]


Getting To Know Krakow

Only one thing that can follow lashings of booze and debauchery the night before, a hangover. I rolled around my bed for what I thought was hours (actually 15min) trying to decide if I should get up, stay in bed, get up, empty my stomach contents or just plain old die. Eventually dragging my sorry excuse for a body out of bed I prepared for a stroll into town hoping […]


The Stag Party in Krakow

I had only ever planned to use Warsaw as a stop over in getting to Krakow. Krakow is where you wanted to go I kept getting told, see Auschwitz and all that. After 24 hours though I was torn about leaving Warsaw, given the fun I had found in a place that was just a stop off. The weather was still good and I had a list of items on […]


A Day in Warsaw

It’s rather easy to sum up the night bus to Warsaw… freaking horrible. Starting with passengers slipping the bus driver a few litas to get a ride and skip the standard rate (I was so jealous I couldn’t do that). This lead onto the frequent stops so the driver could have a smoke and generally ensure we froze to death the entire way. In hindsight sitting near the front of […]