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5 Things I Feared About Living Abroad

If you’ve had friends that have lived abroad for any length of time then you’ll no doubt have heard all the stories of their adventures, or at least seen the millions of pictures they have uploaded online. It’s an envious lifestyle looking at it from the outside, one week it’s Rome the next is Paris and the one after they are in Dublin. There’s a certain amount of jealousy as […]


Cheapest Ways To Travel Europe

Europe is THE destination for many would be travellers and backpackers looking to take a gap year or just spend a summer break abroad. Many of those travellers also want to do it as cheap as possible so having experienced Europe myself I wanted to share what I’ve learnt to be the cheapest ways to travel Europe whether you are taking a bus, train or aeroplane. Now there are many […]


Spending Time in Istanbul

Spending time in Istanbul should be on everyone’s travel itineraries as they map out travels around the world. I stopped in earlier this year with good mate Justin while in Turkey to attend the Anzac Day Memorial Service at Gallipoli and wish I’d had more time to devote to Istanbul. Before our arrival I was in essence ignorant about the city and country bar my knowledge of the war that […]


Ferry Travel is Pretty Sweet

As an Australian we generally think of travelling long distances via planes, trains or buses. It’s built into our DNA because even though we live in a country where the majority of the population live near the water, they are the only forms of transport to get from point A to point B. Enter Europe with its maze of transport options that include ferry travel. I’ll be honest though, it […]


The Alhambra in Granada

Tempted by the stunning view of The Alhambra while attending the wedding of a good blogging friend in Nellie of fame, I just had to make a stop in to checkout the inside view as well. I’ll be honest thought… I’d not really been up to speed on just what to expect inside the Alhambra except for some stinking hot Andalucian weather to follow me around all day. Alhambra […]


Where I Fell In Love With Spain, San Ambrosio

Nestled along the southern tip of Andalucia is where you will find this hidden township of San Ambrosio. Made up of nothing more than a few houses and a couple of places you can get yourself some good food and a cold beer. It seems almost preposterous that this tiny town is the driving force behind my desire to learn a second language and my love for Spain. So let […]