The End Is Nigh Florence

The End Is Nigh Florence

The last full day for Florence and it was time to go and pay David a visit, I didn’t think it would be right to not go and see either the real one or the replica that stands outside the Palazzo della Signoria while here. I let Annie lead the way as I didn’t have a clue where to find him. It was just as well, because the entrance to Accademia Gallery is down what I’d call a side alley which took some finding by both of us.

Now somewhere along the 1.5 hours I waited to get in we questioned if this was really worth it. Of course the longer you wait the more you think, oh I’ve waited this long I can’t leave now or I would have wasted all that time. Left with a decision that you could never win we stood there in the heat, sympathising with the poor puppy that lay nearby.

Hot Puppy In Florence

Once inside I can honestly say unless your a die hard David fan, just go and see the replica that doesn’t require a 10 euro entrance fee and can be seen anytime you feel like. The crowds gathered around getting in your way and the staff stopped everybody from taking a photo, I quickly snapped the below picture before I too was told off.

David Statue Florence Italy

Afterwards I grabbed lunch with Annie and her bf before we set off to plan the beginnings of her blog I’d only worked on my blog to any great effort at this stage so it was fun to be getting things setup for someone else. It was also a nice way for me to say thanks for the last few days of having me hang around.

That night I then caught up with Suzy for some going away pizza and beer. It was here that I finally pinned Suzy down to take part in my Vegemite Challenge the following day before I left. I was determined not to leave Florence without getting a video from her as both Annie and her bf Lorenzo had tried Vegemite when they were in Australia so that first taste effect was lost on them.

My time in Florence seemed to have flown by as the memory of that horrible train journey getting here seemed like a distant memory now. I didn’t mind the time going quickly as I’d had a great time, it was more the fact I was about to use the last of my travel day on my Eurail pass I was not looking forward too. That pass had started empty of stamps and dates back in Paris and now it was taking me to Naples where my jaunt around Europe would end.

The phrase time flies when your having fun passed through my mind as I lay in bed that night, for it was certainly true.

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4 Responses to The End Is Nigh Florence

  1. HOLIDAY ABROAD February 1, 2011 at 9:49 PM #

    Florence or Firenze is such a wonderful place to spend your holiday! I’d go back there in a minute 🙂

  2. ANNIE February 2, 2011 at 9:38 AM #

    It was nice that we did go see David since I had yet to see him too! At least you can say you did it!

    Thanks again for all your help with the site and the constant support! 🙂

    • THE AUSSIE NOMAD February 5, 2011 at 5:33 PM #

      Annie it did turn out into a good day after all that waiting huh. I can now tick him off my list of have to see tourist attractions so next time I come visit I can spend more time eating gelato and pizza 🙂

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