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The Indian Pacific

Thinking about travelling from Perth to Sydney or Sydney to Perth for a holiday then I’d imagine you’d go straight to looking up the cheapest flights available. Some might consider taking the car for an extended road trip but I’d hazard a guess very few ever consider taking the train, well the Indian Pacific to be correct. Let’s get started with a few details to warm you up. The first […]


Edison and Ford Winter Estates

There’s a lot I’ve learnt about history in America from taking a two week road trip around Florida. Perhaps one of the more interesting stops was that of the Edison and Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers. I’d had no idea these two great men knew each other, yet alone holidayed together. After taking the tour I even learnt it was Edison that created the battery for Ford to use […]


What Motivated Me To Travel

Talk to anybody who’s in love with travel and they will list off destinations, people, activities and much more as reasons that keep them motivated to travel. That kind of excitement is infectious and is something that got me to move from thinking about travel to actually planning and setting off to see Europe. Before that though you need that initial instigator to push your train of thought into one […]


The Australian Dollar And What It Means For Travel

I was born way back in the early eighties when one Australian dollar got you a huge bag of chips from the local fish and chip shop, you could buy bags of lollies from the corner shop for as little as fifty cents and fuel didn’t cost you an arm and a leg. How times have changed for my beloved Australia and for the traveller looking to come and explore […]


Exploring the History of America in St Augustine

When I took off to explore Florida recently I was expecting an array of beaches and sunshine to be the real focus of the trip, but as it turns out Florida is pretty jam-packed with history. St Augustine located in the north-east of the state was one of several stops I made that forced me to realise America is home to some pretty cool history of its own. St Augustine […]


Travel Scotland, The Best Small Country In The World

Ever since I applied for my youth mobility visa to live and work in the UK I’d wanted to travel Scotland. I always saw it as this untouched wilderness that bore truth to tales like the Loch Ness monster. Scotland has this allure to it that not many other places in the world do, it’s as if visiting there could whisk me off into another time. It took me over […]