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Things To Do In Clare

County Clare is home to one of the most visited attractions in Ireland, being the Cliffs of Moher. But it’s not just the cliffs that are worth your time in this mid west region of the country. There is a raft of things to do in Clare that you can include into a full day’s outing or overnight stop off on your way south to the Dingle Peninsula or Ring […]


Things To Do In Sligo

Planning a road trip around Ireland? Then maybe you should consider some of these things to do in Sligo that I found worth my time as you drive around the country. Sligo county is known as one of the top destinations in the country for adventure holidays, especially if you are talking about surfing. But it’s not just about the wild waves that lavish its coastline, there is much more […]


A Day Trip To Northern Ireland

Ireland’s a beautiful place to visit and is home to some amazing sights spread out to the four corners of the country. The problem… how do you explore them all without running out of time, money or falter due to distance? You take a day trip of course. I recently took a day trip to Northern Ireland with Wild Rover Tours from Dublin as it covered two big-ticket items on […]


Top Dublin Pubs You Need To Visit

Talk about Dublin pubs to a tourist who’s visited Dublin and almost always they’ll revel in their experiences drinking in Temple Bar or a pub crawl tour they took. It’s easy to get lost in all that is Temple Bar and its over the top pubs and bars that fill the area. After all they resemble everything we think of as a proper Irish pub. But if you were to […]


What to See and Do in Brindisi

Many of you might ask where is Brindisi before looking for things to see and do, such is its hidden status to the average tourist. To get you up to speed Brindisi is located in the Apulia (Puglia) region of Italy or the heel for those that need a bit more direction. Brindisi reminds me of what Italy might be like once you strip back the tourist curtain and get […]


Grampians National Park

This post could just read visit the Grampians National Park and leave it at that. Such is the abundance of beauty and attractions in the area. But to be honest it wouldn’t be giving the area the respect it deserves so allow me to show you why the area is worth your time. For those that don’t know, the Grampians National Park (or Gariwerd as the local Aboriginal people named […]