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Follow Up On Travel Blogger Friday

Last week I wrote a little tongue in cheek piece for my weekly travel blogger friday post (you can read it here Travel Blogger Friday #6). You see when it comes to slang language I think us aussie’s have to be one of the hardest to work out. I mean who else would think up the term “Liquid Laugh” when it really means to vomit or “Two Pot Screamer” to […]


Travel Blogger Friday #6

Aussie’s have always had a bit of a name for inventing words or having a slang word for well everything. Recently Cailin of Travel Yourself fame pointed out to me a few words she says we use a lot. Now Bobbi Lee from Heels and Wheels is also in on the game. I was standing around the barbie tonight cooking some snags and sampling some find amber liquid and it […]


Travel Blogger Friday #5

Look at that still going after 5 weeks I amaze even myself. This week I’m shining the spotlight on Sarah & Andrea over at They are off to travel from Asia through to Europe and seek out new adventures and generally just have a bloody good time. Sarah’s last post on It’s Just Emotions, Taking Me Over stuck with me a little and made me think about how nervous […]


Travel Blogger Friday #4

Christmas has come and gone for another year leaving me well behind in catching up on all of the blogs I have been reading over the past 4 weeks. It doesn’t help that my list of blogs appears to be increasing daily. This week thought Brooke from wrote about how Americans Don’t Speak English. This reminded me of a long running joke I have with a couple of friends […]


Travel Blogger Friday #3

Well its that time again, Travel Blogger Friday make that Thursday. With Christmas upon us I have brought this weeks contestant on forward a day. This week we have Michael from The Mobile Lawyer. I thought it fitting that Michael’s post on Rental Car Insurance in Oz be posted today. You see as I was headed out to begin the long list of duties my parents had bestowed upon […]


Travel Blogger Friday #2

It seems the more I get into this great travel community the more great stuff I find. Instead of highlighting 50 articles you should read and just overloading the page with complete randomness. I’ll just keep it to sharing one gem I found and keep you and I both sane a little longer. This week it was Johnny Vagabond’s article Use a Squat Toilet in 5 Easy Steps that made […]