Travel Blogger Friday #4

Travel Blogger Friday #4

Christmas has come and gone for another year leaving me well behind in catching up on all of the blogs I have been reading over the past 4 weeks. It doesn’t help that my list of blogs appears to be increasing daily.

This week thought Brooke from wrote about how Americans Don’t Speak English. This reminded me of a long running joke I have with a couple of friends in America.

I have known them for about 10 years now and whenever we call each other someone always has a dig at the other about how they pronounce a word or the like. We both attest its the other that has the accent and can’t spell. It all ends in a great laugh thought.

Having never met my friends in America I look forward to hopefully seeing them next year and laughing at just how many times each of us looks to one another with a blank stare saying “WTF did you just say I didn’t understand a word of it”.


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