Travel Blogger Friday #3

Travel Blogger Friday #3

Well its that time again, Travel Blogger Friday make that Thursday. With Christmas upon us I have brought this weeks contestant on forward a day.

This week we have Michael from The Mobile Lawyer. I thought it fitting that Michael’s post on Rental Car Insurance in Oz be posted today. You see as I was headed out to begin the long list of duties my parents had bestowed upon me this morning, I crossed paths with a kangaroo in my driveway.

Now I know its so cliche for an aussie to be posting that I had a kangaroo in my driveway but you know its really not that common. Sure you see them on the road and as Michael found out in great numbers. But really its probably the first time I have seen one here and I lived here for a good 18 years before leaving the parents.

One other point that stood out from Michael’s post was how big Australia really is compared to America. While he only drove approx half way across Australia and back, that distance would however be able to get him from NYC to LA and then back to Houston.

I think it made me realize America isn’t really as big as I once thought it was. I always had the impression it was much bigger than Australia. Now when I look at a map it’s just like crossing from one side of Australia to the other.


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  1. MICHAEL HODSON February 1, 2011 at 5:23 PM #

    thanks for including my post, mate!

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