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Travel Blogger Friday 35

With all of my focus having been on Australia for Australia Day,  I’ve noticed yet another traveller has landed in the land down under. Maybe it the wide open spaces, kangaroos and sunshine that attracts them or it could just be they have a death wish as so many of the worlds deadlist animals call Australia home. No matter the reason, Caroline from is now calling my country home […]


Travel Blogger Friday 34

Recently I’ve been looking for great new blogs that are just waiting to get eyes on their stories. This week I’ve looked a little closer to home and picked up a blog from my temporary home in London. Who is it you ask? well I want you all to go and have a read of Jayne’s blog I’m yet to meet up with Jayne but I can say we […]


Travel Blogger Friday 33

A new year is here and what a year its going to be for so many people. First time backpackers are going to set off into a world of discovery and those that were already on the road… well a new adventure is just a bus/plane/train ride away. This also means more brand new, fresh paint smelling blogs are going to rise from nothing and take us on the ride […]


Travel Blogger Friday 32

Finding a new travel blog for me is like getting a big present at christmas time. Your excited to see what’s in it, is it fun? is it boring? will I love it and want to play with it every day? Well first impressions from Steffy’s blog is pretty good. I mean her bucket list includes the following at number 11. Do a Guinness world record Now I think […]


Travel Blogger Friday 31

As I’ve just recently passed my 12 months of pretending to be a travel blogger, I’ve found myself searching the travel alleyways for other new travel blogs that I can follow and relive my earlier travel planning days. On this search I have found some great blogs that even at their early stage have me coming back each week to read. So this week I want to share Ashlea’s blog, […]


Travel Blogger Friday 30

Today I’m lifting this weeks blogger straight from the comments pages of my blog (see it pays to comment on my posts). I’ve been really slack (sorry guys) in keeping up with Amy & Kieron from and the preparations for their long awaited trip. Starting with North America and then onto wherever the wind blows, I’m hopeful that it will bring these guys along my path at some stage. […]