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Vegemite VS Israel

When on my trip to Israel last year I took my faithful jar of Vegemite along for the ride. I wanted to see what the middle east would think of it after having shared it with friends all over Europe and the US already. With mixed results from previous attempts I was hopeful my new friends in Israel would take to this aussie favourite… If you’ve not had enough vegemite […]


Sign Post at the Golan Heights

While touring Israel recently I stumbled across the above sign post when I visited the Golan Heights in the north of the country. So many times around the world I’ve seen similar signs all pointing out major cities like New York, Sydney and London as if to say hey look how close we are to them. This one however points to Israel’s close neighbours like Jordan, Iraq, Syria and the […]


The Changing Israel Landscape

If I was to say New Zealand, Ireland, France or even the Philippines there is a fair chance an image of what the countries landscape looks like forms in your mind. You can see the glaciers of New Zealand and the tropical islands of the Philippines easily, but what if I was to ask you about the Israel landscape? Do you imagine a barren wasteland, green farming land for as […]


Did You Know This About Israel

Israel is listed as the 159th smallest country in the world and about the size of New Jersey, or specifically 470km by 135km at its widest and longest points. Keeping that in mind it blew me away to learn that in proportion to its population it has the largest number of startup companies in the world (of course they don’t ALL succeed). Oh and they are only behind the US […]


Diving With Dolphins in Eilat

Travel has given me a great many experiences that will forever bring a smile to my face and no other country seems to have as many places in my memory banks as Israel. One of my favourites is from my time diving with the dolphins in Eilat. This experience made even more special given I’d never been diving in my life. The site for my 30 minutes of joy under […]


The Sea of Galilee at Sunset

I managed to snap the above photo of the sun setting over the Sea of Galilee while enjoying a meal just meters from the water’s edge. It was one of the best ways to end a day of sightseeing in Israel and very close to being the most beautiful sunset I’ve seen in my life. While it’s called the Sea of Galilee it’s much more a lake than a sea […]