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Panoramic Haifa

Haifa is the third largest city in Israel and the largest in the northern part of Israel. Home to the Bahai Faith and its stunning terraced gardens on Mount Carmel you will also find leading universities in the Technion and University of Haifa nearby. Combine that with a number of high tech parks that house some of the most recognised brands in the world like Intel, Google and Microsoft and […]


Visiting Jerusalem – The Holy City

Visiting Jerusalem for me seemed somewhat of a surreal experience honestly. The adult in me knows it’s a city full of the usual hustle and bustle with people going to work and driving their cars and so on. But the little boy in me from my childhood knows it as the land of Jesus, making it a somewhat mythical place. Like it couldn’t really exist because I’d read about it in […]


The Dead Sea Israel

The Dead Sea forms part of the border between Israel on the east and Jordan on the west. Sitting some 400 or so meters below sea level it is known as the lowest point on earth. Swimming in this body of water which is some 8 times saltier than the ocean is an experience you have to enjoy. Imagine being unable to sink no matter how much you try. Just […]


Israel – A Land of Memories

I’ve tried to put into words what it’s been like touring around Israel for the last few days and as a result you haven’t seen a post from me. It’s not because I haven’t been enjoying myself and can’t find a way to write about it, far from that actually. I’ve been so busy I didn’t even have time to wish my brother happy birthday last week (sorry bro) and […]


First Impressions Of The Israel Blog Trip

First impressions are such an important thing to get right no matter the situation. We all know if you go to a restaurant and get a bad meal, the knock on effect is that you probably won’t return and are very likely to spread negative feedback to all of your friends. So when I accepted an invitation to attend the Once In A Lifetime 2.0 blog trip to Israel, I knew […]