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One Ticket To Paris Please

Buying the one way ticket to Paris where I start my trip has been the most nervous moment in preparation yet. The sick feeling in my stomach that grew and grew as I filled out the online booking form was seriously making me wonder if I was doing the right thing. Perhaps it was my subconscious trying to pull me back to my safety net, all I knew was that […]


The Day I Told Work I Was Leaving

Ever since I made the decision to travel I’ve been dreading the day I had to tell work I was leaving. Perhaps if this had not been my one and only full time job since shrugging off my student lifestyle and budget, it would have been different. All I knew, I was as nervous about this day as I had been when I was sitting in the back seat of […]


Tentative Travel Itinerary

With my travel date possibly being moved to early May or late April (reason for this is here in my Travel Dilemma post) I need to become serious about my travel itinerary. I have always wanted my travel itinerary to have a start and end point, with the rest left open for interpretation. All over the travel blog community people say to not over plan your travel. It allows you […]


Where to Go

When I was still toying with the idea of traveling overseas and possibly working I was split on where to go. How do you decide what part of the great big world you want to see first? Do you think of places your friends had been too. Or do you draw ideas from internet forums, TV, movies and the like. Being that I live in Australia if your not seeing […]