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The End Is Nigh Florence

The last full day for Florence and it was time to go and pay David a visit, I didn’t think it would be right to not go and see either the real one or the replica that stands outside the Palazzo della Signoria while here. I let Annie lead the way as I didn’t have a clue where to find him. It was just as well, because the entrance to […]


Travel Blogger Friday 35

With all of my focus having been on Australia for Australia Day,  I’ve noticed yet another traveller has landed in the land down under. Maybe it the wide open spaces, kangaroos and sunshine that attracts them or it could just be they have a death wish as so many of the worlds deadlist animals call Australia home. No matter the reason, Caroline from is now calling my country home […]


How Much Did It Cost – Amsterdam Budget

Ah Amsterdam your sure are a different beast and budget to Brussels. Unfortunately for me I arrived the day after Queens Day so got all the extra cost for late booking a hostel and none of the fun that goes with it. Amsterdam was a chance to have a night out and really have tourist central force fed to me. Sure I did Paris and while it is touristy I […]


Seeing and Listening in Florence

In Florence you can walk out the door and be confronted with building after building of old time charm. Knowing this, I spent my next two days taking walks around the city while catching up with Suzy and Annie when they were free. My first solo day in Florence was a relatively slow one. I slept late before heading into the city center to wander the streets and find some […]


Travel Blogger Friday 34

Recently I’ve been looking for great new blogs that are just waiting to get eyes on their stories. This week I’ve looked a little closer to home and picked up a blog from my temporary home in London. Who is it you ask? well I want you all to go and have a read of Jayne’s blog I’m yet to meet up with Jayne but I can say we […]


Florence, I See Your Attraction

The first morning in Florence gave me flashbacks to home and the beautiful summer weather I had said goodbye to just a few months earlier. Feeling the aussie spirit I donned my aussie uniform (that’s shorts an a singlet to the rest of you) and made for a place I had marked as a must visit if I ever landed in Florence. This was of course Giardini di Boboli. Suzy […]