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How Much Did It Cost – Brussels Budget

Moving on from the the expenses of Paris I made a short stop in Brussels. I still had a lot of countries to see on my trip and I knew the further north I went, the more expensive everything was going to become. So the plan was simple, meet up with a friend that had been one of the winners of my easter competition and enjoy a few beers. And […]


Getting To Florence The Hard Way

Up early and beyond thankful for not having a headache (thank you beautiful german beer) I headed for the train station to score some breakfast and stock up on supplies to keep me full on my epic 10 hour train ride to Italy. It’s always the small things you appreciate when travelling, so getting to my train seat and seeing a power outlet almost made me cheer as if I […]


Travel Blogger Friday 33

A new year is here and what a year its going to be for so many people. First time backpackers are going to set off into a world of discovery and those that were already on the road… well a new adventure is just a bus/plane/train ride away. This also means more brand new, fresh paint smelling blogs are going to rise from nothing and take us on the ride […]


How Much Did It Cost – Paris Budget

So your saving to backpack Europe only you don’t know how much you really need. Your friend says they spent this much, you asked everybody on facebook and even gave google a shot but your still not sure. I did the same thing and came up with a miss mash of information, none of it really answering my question, how much money do I need to backpack Europe? The worst […]


Munich In A Day

A day to see Munich? tell him he’s dreaming most would say. And they would be right, there is just too much to see and do in this town for just one day. But if you do find yourself with just a day like I did perhaps my adventure can help get you to see some of what there is on offer in Munich. Starting the day with the free […]


Travel Blogger Friday 32

Finding a new travel blog for me is like getting a big present at christmas time. Your excited to see what’s in it, is it fun? is it boring? will I love it and want to play with it every day? Well first impressions from Steffy’s blog is pretty good. I mean her bucket list includes the following at number 11. Do a Guinness world record Now I think […]