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Travel Blogger Friday 19

Some make me laugh, others captivate me with their writing and a select few actually return my messages. This week’s Travel Blogger Friday star covers off on all 3 of those and a lot more. Abbey runs the incredibly awesome blog No not that sort of baggage… oh hang on, nah I’m sure she means her backpack. Anyway along with having a gosh darn cool looking blog, Abbey’s also […]


That Limbo Period

You’ve just finished up at your job and have emptied your room ready to leave for you trip so now what? That final period of limbo between ending work and departure date is going to be all goodbyes and relaxing right? Weeks went by where I imagined I’d be sleeping in till lunch time, having my Mum cook me all my favorite meals and chilling out on the coat tail […]


A Leap Into Unemployment

Many things begin and end in my life, but never did I ever think I’d choose to be unemployed. Sure I expected to be fired or made redundant in my working career, but never willfully decide to have no means of making a crust. Still on Friday the 9th of April I did just that, became unemployed by my own hand. I imagined my last day at work to be […]


Travel Blogger Friday 18

I’ve never been a backpacker. Sure I was a good Scout back in the day but hiking over a mountain pales in comparison to what I’m about to embark on. Travelling to a different country that is across the other side of the world, where they don’t speak your language is as far removed from my comfort zone as possible. Helping me get some perspective on what backpacking is was […]


Vegemite vs Brooke’s Parents

The other week Brooke from had her parents down in Australia for a visit. Along with the usual Sydney sights she told me at some stage vegemite would be brought up, so naturally I was eager to find out the verdict. What I wasn’t expecting was


Packing Up To Move Out

With less than three weeks till I jet off to the other side of the world, I’ve been checking off the list of things to get finished/organised/freaked out about. The Easter long weekend was here so I decided to tackle my room and begin packing it up to move out. For weeks I’ve told myself this was going to be an easy task, don’t stress it. I mean I only […]