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Getting To Paris

Leaving everything behind at Melbourne Airport on Saturday morning was both incredibly exciting and overwhelmingly scary. I went from deep sadness leaving my family at the airport; failing to keep it together as I left them and walking through the gates into customs, to joy as I boarded my plane to Singapore. What is it about getting on a plane to somewhere that just gets the adrenaline pumping. This was […]


My First Day In Paris

Well I survived the grueling 27 hours of travel time to get from Melbourne to Paris. Navigated the labyrinth that is Paris airport and here I am. In my hostel after a 6 hour stint of exploring Montmartre. Dog tired but happy to finally have a place to rest my legs and meet some people. Who knows what the evening will bring, my guess lots of sleep. I’ll give you […]


Next Stop Paris

At this very moment I will be rolling down the runway and onto my new life abroad. Left at the airport will be my parents with my poor mum crying her eyes out. I’ll also be leaving behind my prejudices, attitude and most of all my old life. Come Sunday at about 7am Paris time I’ll be a wide eyed aussie looking to meet new people and explore. Joyed by […]


Travel Blogger Friday 20

On the eve of my departure for Europe (less than 26 hours to go, but who’s counting) I figured I need to leave you with a pretty awesome travel blogger. Not that the past 19 weren’t already awesome but I just feel like this one needed to be extra special. This week I’m featuring the lovable Andi from Now I’m not just mentioning Andi because she got her clothes […]


Why Do You Travel?

I’ve not looked back at my decision to travel anywhere near as much as I have in the last week. After all I’ve quit my job, you know that place you go for 8+ hours a day and at the end of the week they give you money. Not only that but I will be saying goodbye to all of my friends and family for who knows how long. Oh […]


When Things Go Wrong

When I think of my upcoming travel plans, I imagine 50+ different ways I’m going to have fun and be blown away. The sights and sounds of Europe combined with the chance to meet both locals and fellow backpackers, a recipe for the time of my life. I see myself eating croissants in Paris, dancing up a storm at a nightclub in Prague and maybe even sampling some of the […]