4 Travel Gadgets You Need On Your Next Trip (Win A Pack For Yourself)

4 Travel Gadgets You Need On Your Next Trip (Win A Pack For Yourself)

Being an ex IT guy I’m big into travel gadgets and tech I can take with me on the road. Purists will say try to leave as many gadgets as possible at home and get out there and enjoy the experience of travel, seeing it with your own eyes and not through a camera. And while I somewhat agree it’s nice to be able to capture all those memories to bring home to share with family and friends or to connect with new friends online to continue a friendship.

What these devices, computers, cameras, smartphones and tablets need however is power, and lots of it. What you don’t have when travelling is access to enough power outlets to charge them all. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been in a hostel in Europe and had enough plugs to charge all my gear as well as my other roommates at one time, its ZERO.

It’s not just those of you backpacking your way around Europe that have problems with power either. I’ve been caught out taking a road trip in America snapping photos on my smartphone only to find its gone flat in the middle of the day. Not a major problem unless you are using the same phone as your GPS system like many of us do these days with the easy of map apps and the internet.

And while powering your travel tech can be difficult, its nothing compared to losing an item to water damage. Often your smartphone will be the victim of a water splash at the pool/beach or maybe that accidental bump which tips over your bottle of water that then floats your phone away.

So what are these 4 travel gadgets that can solve all your problems?

And best of all I’ve teamed up with the folks at Kensington so you can win your very own set of the above items.

Having travelled abroad and locally for the better part of the last 5 years I can tell you that I’ve never left home without a power strip and USB chargers in my bag. You don’t realise just how precious power can be while on the road. The EVAP pouch however is the one item I’d always wished to have with me as I have an unhealthy attachment to my smartphone, its my entire business in one device so losing it to water isn’t an option.

To enter the giveaway to win a pack of these 4 gadgets you’ll need to click the button below. The competition is open to entrants living within Australia only (sorry international readers) and will run for 2 weeks starting 23/11/2014 11PM and ending 7/12/2014 11PM AWST.


IF you’d like to known about other travel tech all traveller should take with them on the road check out my post on travel gadgets, plugs and adapters, it’s got some great other useful tips.

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