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My First Visit To America – Theme Parks

As a kid you grow up in a world of animated cartoons, movies and television so it seemed fitting to end my visit to America surrounded by theme parks dedicated to just that. Back in the day I’d love watching the Flintstones on a saturday morning, now its all about Minions and Harry Potter with just a splash of the old remixed for the new generation of youngsters. Orlando is […]


My First Visit To America – Space Coast

My visit to America so far has seen me sample the high life in Miami, air boat my way around the Everglades, soak up the sun in some very Beachy destinations and now it was going to Space. America is well-known for many things but NASA and the Kennedy Space Center has to be one every tourist knows about. Located on the aptly named Space Coast, who’s very name suggests […]


My First Visit To America – Palm Beach

With my visit to America already having taken in Miami and Fort Lauderdale the Visit Florida road trip thundered down the highway towards Palm Beach and our hotel for the night, the Omphoy Ocean Resort. With the water just meters from the resorts door (see above for image snapped from my bedroom window) it was easy to see Florida is all about the sun, sand and water. In Palm Beach […]


Palm Beach Sunrise

A beautiful sunrise is one of the few things I’ll get out of bed early for and this Palm Beach sunrise didn’t disappoint. Shot from the window of my room at the Omphoy Ocean Resort I can see why beach living has such an attraction what with the sun, sand and views that can take your breath away.


My First Visit To America – Alligators and Fort Lauderdale

Having enjoyed a couple of days living the high life in Miami on my visit to America it was time to head for the next destination in Fort Lauderdale. Besides the fact we were heading for an airboat tour in the Everglades I was looking forward to cruising the roads in the muscle cars we had for the week (once a car loving guy always a car loving guy). The […]


My First Visit To America – South Beach Living

There is a lot to say about my visit to America but it’s always best to start at the beginning. So here I am having arrived in Miami flying first class with Virgin Atlantic and heading to South Beach in Miami riding on the wheels of a sweet sweet Mustang. Passing street signs, roads and shops all with that typical American look to them was a weird feeling, as if […]