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Vegemite VS Israel

When on my trip to Israel last year I took my faithful jar of Vegemite along for the ride. I wanted to see what the middle east would think of it after having shared it with friends all over Europe and the US already. With mixed results from previous attempts I was hopeful my new friends in Israel would take to this aussie favourite… If you’ve not had enough vegemite […]


Vegemite VS Eating Italy Food Tours

My faithful jar of Vegemite has managed to travel right across Europe and be welcomed enjoyed consumed by friends and strangers alike. Some enjoyed it and some well lets just say they gave it their best shot shall we. Until now thought I’ve never had someone with the skill and experience in fine food to try this delightful Aussie battler. That was until I got in touch with Kenny who […]


Vegemite VS Never Ending Footsteps

It’s been a hard run for the old Vegemite Challenge. People are either un-willing to take it on or the participants that do have a go end up leaving me with a less than positive outcome. Even my attempt to show everyone that Vegemite is awesome failed to unite the masses in a wave of crazy Vegemite awesomeness. So after a bit of a break I was excited that Lauren […]


Hello Naples

With a ticket booked for my 3 hour train ride to Naples, it was finally time to leave Florence after a fun filled few days. I had booked myself onto the afternoon train so I could stop by Annie’s place to say goodbye and head to see Suzy so she could take part in my Vegemite Challenge blog series before I left. If you haven’t watched the video of Suzy […]


Vegemite vs The Aussie Nomad

Having asked some of my fellow travel blogging friends to step up and taste vegemite for me I figured it was time that I proved just how easy it is to eat. So after watching Suzy Guese take on my challenge I just had to set things right and prove that it doesn’t taste like insects. Watch on and see just how tasty vegemite is.


Vegemite vs Suzy

That’s right folks its about time I made someone else suffer enjoy the wonderful taste of VEGEMITE. So while I was in Florence (yes you’ll hear about that soon enough) I got to meet the wonderful Suzy Guese and hang out with her for a few days. Along with the joys of eating pizza and enjoying some wonderful gelato in Italy I opened Suzy’s eyes to the beautiful breakfast spread […]