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Travel Scotland, The Best Small Country In The World

Ever since I applied for my youth mobility visa to live and work in the UK I’d wanted to travel Scotland. I always saw it as this untouched wilderness that bore truth to tales like the Loch Ness monster. Scotland has this allure to it that not many other places in the world do, it’s as if visiting there could whisk me off into another time. It took me over […]


Sligachan River, Isle of Skye

Sligachan River on the Isle of Skye in Scotland is both beautiful and if you believe the tales contains the fountain of youth. The story goes (short version) that if you hold your head under the water for 7 seconds your face will forever stay young and beautiful. Having just splashed the water on my face I can confirm you’ll need some strong will power to keep your face buried […]


Driving in the UK

Driving in the UK isn’t for everyone and for the most part transport can be had much cheaper or more conveniently via bus or train. In my case however I was living in the UK for 2 years on a Youth Mobility Visa and due to the job I obtained while living there, I needed to be able to drive around. I did some research on what I’d need and […]


The Beauty of Wales

The beauty of Wales is that out of all the countries in the world it’s the closest to being the source of a real life once upon a time fairytale in my opinion. Winding tree encroached roads lead off to hidden forests as they fork out across the country. Castles sprout up from the ground as they battle to exist after years of punishment from the elements. It’s a country […]