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5 Things I Feared About Living Abroad

If you’ve had friends that have lived abroad for any length of time then you’ll no doubt have heard all the stories of their adventures, or at least seen the millions of pictures they have uploaded online. It’s an envious lifestyle looking at it from the outside, one week it’s Rome the next is Paris and the one after they are in Dublin. There’s a certain amount of jealousy as […]


Youth Mobility Visa Ultimate Guide

Over 3 years ago I posted about how to apply for a Tier 5 UK Youth Mobility Visa (previously called the working holiday visa) as an Australian. I’d struggled with finding the correct information so thought to share my experience with the world in the hopes it would help somebody else. The response to my posts has been nothing short of amazing since then so to all of you who’ve […]


Moving To London

Moving to London was more daunting than any other move I’d ever undertaking in my life. Before I’d move to study or relocate to the city because it’s just what you do. But moving 2 hours drive from home or even another state in Australia is nothing compared to moving to London, one the biggest international cities around on the other side of the world. In the interest of helping […]


Touring Glasgow

When the offer to go touring Glasgow landed in my inbox I nearly jumped out of my chair at work and gave myself a Hi 5. You see originally I’d intended to split my two year working holiday visa between Scotland and England. Alas plans changed so much that after 18 months abroad this was my first foray into the northern country. Armed with a train ticket provided by Red […]


Notting Hill Carnival

Summer, well what passes for summer is fast approaching here in London and that means sessions with my friend cider in the park and getting among the activities that come to life when the sun burns bright-ish. Last year I arrived a little late and a fair bit broke so am looking forward to a little more fun this time around. My very first event last year and one I’ll […]


The London Transport Blues

Living in London I’ve had to come to terms with catching public transport to get around, not so bad I hear you say they have those cool double-decker buses. I’ll agree I was excited for my first ride aboard one but for someone who has spent his entire life (almost) owning some form of car or ute that I could drive myself it has been a big shift. A vehicle […]