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The Ferry to Finland

The last day in any place is a sad one, your leaving familiar surroundings that were once foreign to head to new lands and repeat the process. Still this time I wasn’t leaving via train it was an overnight ferry that takes a good old 16 hours to complete so it had an excitement factor that I was eager to explore. Saying goodbye to my new friends as they made […]


A Day of Everything in Stockholm

Crawling out of bed knowing I had a list of things to accomplish today was not a good feeling. Still there is no rest for the backpacker and I set off to see a little more of Stockholm before I had to take some time for the boring everyday tasks of old. First stop was the Kroner Museum which I failed to see on my visit to the Stockholm Palace […]


Vasa, Skansen and a Fail

Waking on my second morning in Stockholm I was better prepared for my pitch black room. Climbing the jungle gym of a bunk bed I joined the line for the shower before packing my bag for a day of walking around town. First stop was a rather long walk out to the island of Djurgården where I was to see the Vasa Museum. The Vasa Museum is a maritime museum […]


Stockholm Palace and More

When you go to bed at night you expect it to be dark. When you wake up at 10am in the morning however you would be fairly comfortable in assuming there would be light around. Yet when I woke from my slumber my first morning in Stockholm it was pitch black. Why you ask? Well I failed to notice that my dorm room had no windows the previous day. I […]


From Rain to Sun in Stockholm

I started off my europe trip wanting to make the most of every day and not waste time just for the sake of it. However after having travelled to a few stops now I found myself wishing I was back in bed and not heading for the bus stop, before 8am and in the rain. Still Sweden was calling my name and with just a hint of sun recorded on […]


Featured Photo: Swedish Rune Stone

While in Stockholm I stopped off at Scansen, the world’s oldest open air museum. The museum serves to show what different parts of Sweden looked like over time. Along with buildings there were several Rune Stone’s within the museum. The one above was one above was my favorites. Below is the writing from the accompanying sign post to explain it. Rune stone from Uppland bearing the signature of Asmund Karesson […]