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Luxury in Granada

I’ve never been one to look for luxury in my travels. I expected to be searching for the cheapest hostel I could find and not swanning around enjoying luxury in Granada. Mainly because it’s always been about exploring the location. My bed is nothing more than a place to sleep and store my belongings while I’m off eating amazing food and basking in the joy of whatever city or town […]


The Alhambra in Granada

Tempted by the stunning view of The Alhambra while attending the wedding of a good blogging friend in Nellie of fame, I just had to make a stop in to checkout the inside view as well. I’ll be honest thought… I’d not really been up to speed on just what to expect inside the Alhambra except for some stinking hot Andalucian weather to follow me around all day. Alhambra […]


Where I Fell In Love With Spain, San Ambrosio

Nestled along the southern tip of Andalucia is where you will find this hidden township of San Ambrosio. Made up of nothing more than a few houses and a couple of places you can get yourself some good food and a cold beer. It seems almost preposterous that this tiny town is the driving force behind my desire to learn a second language and my love for Spain. So let […]


In Antequera – The Sights

While the food in Antequera was literally taking my breath away with its awesomeness, I also got to check out some of the amazing things you can visit here as well. How does a bit of hiking sound to get you ready for a good spanish feast? Well the Torcal de Antequera with its stunning array of karst landscapes (hows that for a fancy word) sure was an amazing view. […]


In Antequera – The Food

I’ve been criticized in the past for not sharing the culinary delights of my travels, so today it’s all about the food. And let me tell you, there better be a napkin ready to catch the drool as you marvel at the food I devoured while in Antequera, Spain recently. In fact the whole of Andalucia treated me to some of the best food I’ve had the joy of putting […]


Travel Blogger Friday 36

As I’ve been learning the meaning of cold here in London the last few months, there has been serious thought put into my next foray into Europe. High on the list of countries to spend some time is Spain and the rest of southern Europe where I can soak up as much sun as my aussie skin can handle. In my search for finding the best places to visit I’ve […]