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Final 24 Hours in Europe

Leaving the Amalfi Coast where houses balance on the side of cliffs and the greenery of the mountains served as a view any blogger could be motivated by I returned to Naples where I would spend my final 24 hours in Europe. A little depressing but chancing an hour long train ride that I’d already experienced delays on just wasn’t worth it. Additionally was the extra expense required to purchase […]


Why Do You Travel?

I’ve not looked back at my decision to travel anywhere near as much as I have in the last week. After all I’ve quit my job, you know that place you go for 8+ hours a day and at the end of the week they give you money. Not only that but I will be saying goodbye to all of my friends and family for who knows how long. Oh […]


A Leap Into Unemployment

Many things begin and end in my life, but never did I ever think I’d choose to be unemployed. Sure I expected to be fired or made redundant in my working career, but never willfully decide to have no means of making a crust. Still on Friday the 9th of April I did just that, became unemployed by my own hand. I imagined my last day at work to be […]


My First Overseas Trip Part 8 – Reflections

If you’ve missed the first seven installments in My First Overseas Trip you can find them here. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, and Part 7. Travelling overseas for the first time is a lot like starting at a new school. It’s exciting, you see new things, make a friend or two and with a bit of luck don’t get lost. Now there are […]