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A Change In The Air

If anybody has been following me for awhile you might know my original travel itinerary was to leave Prague and stop off in Vienna for a bit before turning for Zurich and onto London. Well you can forget about those plans my friends as now I’m off to Munich, you know the place of BEER!!! OK I’m not just going here for beer, its so I can get myself down […]


Why Do You Travel?

I’ve not looked back at my decision to travel anywhere near as much as I have in the last week. After all I’ve quit my job, you know that place you go for 8+ hours a day and at the end of the week they give you money. Not only that but I will be saying goodbye to all of my friends and family for who knows how long. Oh […]


When Things Go Wrong

When I think of my upcoming travel plans, I imagine 50+ different ways I’m going to have fun and be blown away. The sights and sounds of Europe combined with the chance to meet both locals and fellow backpackers, a recipe for the time of my life. I see myself eating croissants in Paris, dancing up a storm at a nightclub in Prague and maybe even sampling some of the […]


Packing Up To Move Out

With less than three weeks till I jet off to the other side of the world, I’ve been checking off the list of things to get finished/organised/freaked out about. The Easter long weekend was here so I decided to tackle my room and begin packing it up to move out. For weeks I’ve told myself this was going to be an easy task, don’t stress it. I mean I only […]


Getting Around Europe

What do you choose? Eurail pass, busabout, fly or just wing it and pay as you go? Which is cheaper, which is going to be the most comfortable, which will allow you to get some sleep?? The questions are endless when deciding on what is the best way to get around Europe. I’ve gone back and forth over how to travel around Europe when I leave in April, and to […]


One Ticket To Paris Please

Buying the one way ticket to Paris where I start my trip has been the most nervous moment in preparation yet. The sick feeling in my stomach that grew and grew as I filled out the online booking form was seriously making me wonder if I was doing the right thing. Perhaps it was my subconscious trying to pull me back to my safety net, all I knew was that […]