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Travel Packing List Part 1

With my backpack purchase last week I’ve begun thinking about what else I will need to take with me to Europe. I gave plenty of research to my backpack and rightly so but the remaining items have been left by the way side. Conscious of not wanting to pack like I did on my first overseas trip (not that my backpack will fit that much in it), I’ve started compiling […]


When Am I Leaving

After deciding I was going to travel and start my journey in Europe, I needed to pick a time of year to leave. In reality thought I was always going to start my trip when summer hits in Europe. Having grown up in Australia I’m not sure starting an overseas backpacking lifestyle should start in the middle of a European winter. Especially since Europe is having one hell of a […]


Saving Money to Travel the World

Saving money to travel the world is an obvious one. The real question is where to store all your money so that one you don’t spend it and two doesn’t get taken away in fees and the like. With my mother working for a bank you’d think I knew saving was important… unfortunately when looking at my balance after deciding to travel in 12 months time, well lets just say […]


Moving House to Save Money

As I had begun the task of sorting through what to do with all of my belongings and working out what I was keeping, selling and throwing away, the next step was to save money. After all money is the big killer on my travel goals and without it I’m not going to be able to afford the plane ticket let alone survive in Europe. My first money saving tip […]


What To Do With All My Belongings

Having made the great decision to travel the world I was feeling pretty excited. I had told my family and begun the task of deciding where to go first. Then that excitement turned into an oh my god moment. What to do with all of my belongings. The ute I have a loan for, the furniture, the bills and an endless list of other bits and pieces that I was […]


Telling Mum Your Leaving

My decision to travel and working out where to go on my first steps into backpacking territory were a piece of cake compared to the next obstacle i would cross. Breaking the news to the family that I was going to travel. Well lets be honest its breaking the news to your mum that’s what you fear most. The way I see it your brother or sister are likely to […]