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The London Transport Blues

Living in London I’ve had to come to terms with catching public transport to get around, not so bad I hear you say they have those cool double-decker buses. I’ll agree I was excited for my first ride aboard one but for someone who has spent his entire life (almost) owning some form of car or ute that I could drive myself it has been a big shift. A vehicle […]


Finding Accommodation in London – The Ups and Downs

For so many Aussies with travel dreams London has become a rite of passage. You get your visa, book your flights to London and then backpack Europe while living in London for a while sampling everything it has to offer. Sitting at home I would read Facebook updates and hear stories about friends that had headed to London to live abroad and were living the life. Wild parties in Europe […]


The Next Chapter In My Story

Many of you have followed my blog as I detailed my first ever solo backpacking journey around Europe. I won’t lie it’s been a long drawn out affair, but an important one all the same (especially for me). This blog was to by my journal first and everything else second. There was no delusions of grandeur when I started out. I didn’t want to make money. I just wanted to […]


Featured Photo: First Snow

Coming to the UK to live meant I was going to get to experience a lot of new and wonderful things. One that I was really looking forward too, was the first snow day. I saw this snow covered driveway as I walked to work on my first ever snow day. To me it resembles everything I had imagined about how beautiful things in England can be. It looked like […]


Missing In Action

No I’m not dead… I don’t think and no I haven’t given up this blogging gig. Here’s a little peak at the future so you know what I’m up to before I get back to telling you all about everything I did and saw in Europe. I landed in London some 2-3 weeks ago and with many thanks to Heather from had a job interview waiting for me 2 […]