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Getting Setup In London – Transport

Moving abroad to live in London is fraught with what if’s and how do I moments. I remember searching online until late in the night many a time working out how I go about getting setup in London. I wanted to know everything before getting here as a way to make sure the transition was as easy as possible for myself. Be it the big things like finding accommodation and […]


Street Art in London

When you think of London most people think of the Royal Family, Big Ben, the Tube and other top tourist attractions. But have you ever stopped to think about street art? Me either, but as I found out when I took part in the Alternative London Tour it’s alive and kicking. The tour owner Gary, lives and breathes this stuff. He knows who created the pieces, how long they have […]


The London Blitz at Aldwych Station

Learning about the history of a place is what really tickles my travelling taste buds. So when Justin from invited me along to one of the events setup to mark the 70th Anniversary of the London Blitz I jumped at the chance. At the now closed Aldwych Tube Station the London Transport Museum re-created what it was like for people during the blitz. With actors setup in the old […]


Notting Hill Carnival

Summer, well what passes for summer is fast approaching here in London and that means sessions with my friend cider in the park and getting among the activities that come to life when the sun burns bright-ish. Last year I arrived a little late and a fair bit broke so am looking forward to a little more fun this time around. My very first event last year and one I’ll […]


Will And Kate – The Royal Wedding

Living in London means I’m pretty much force-fed gossip about the Royal Family. For most that was more than enough for them and they escaped the city to make the most of a long weekend while the rest of us stayed for the Royal Wedding. I was in two minds if I wanted to go or not but figured if I’m going to call myself a traveller I may as […]