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Getting To Florence The Hard Way

Up early and beyond thankful for not having a headache (thank you beautiful german beer) I headed for the train station to score some breakfast and stock up on supplies to keep me full on my epic 10 hour train ride to Italy. It’s always the small things you appreciate when travelling, so getting to my train seat and seeing a power outlet almost made me cheer as if I […]


Featured Photo: Pompeii, Italy

I’m not sure what I expected when I arrived at Pompeii but I will say this, the site is huge. To think that it was all buried under some 6 meters of ash and lost from the world for over 1500 years is quite astounding. Be sure to set aside a good day to explore the ruins and if its hot pack plenty of water and sunscreen.


Featured Photo: Herculaneum, Italy

Everybody knows about Pompeii but have you even heard of Herculaneum? It was a small town that was also destroyed by the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79 AD. If your short on time and can’t make it to Pompeii or just love all things history like I do then you don’t want to miss this great little site. Just catch the Circumvesuviana train line towards Sorrento and hop off […]


Featured Photo: Amalfi Coast Italy

Having just toured this amazing area I had to share a photo of the Amalfi Coast in Italy with you all. I can’t believe I almost didn’t see this beautiful coast line while I was in Italy. I urge everybody to head down to Sorrento in Italy and jump the bus towards Amalfi. Along the 1-2 hour drive just soak up the 30 or so kilometers of amazing coast line. […]