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How Much Did It Cost – Florence Budget

Florence lured me in with the chance to meet a couple of travel friends, but what I found was so much more. The pizza, the gelato, the friends, the sheer beauty of the place. Oh and have I mentioned the gelato yet? It was clear my budget for Florence was going to be decided for me as the city took over. I fell in love with Italy from that moment […]


Final 24 Hours in Europe

Leaving the Amalfi Coast where houses balance on the side of cliffs and the greenery of the mountains served as a view any blogger could be motivated by I returned to Naples where I would spend my final 24 hours in Europe. A little depressing but chancing an hour long train ride that I’d already experienced delays on just wasn’t worth it. Additionally was the extra expense required to purchase […]


Heaven Or Just Realising The Dream

The final two days at my stay in the oh so posh hostel along the coastline of Italy were some of my finest. At night I was one of the regulars, meeting new arrivals as they found the hostel bar all while having a good old banter with the manager and staff as we partied away into the wee hours of the morning together. During the day I ventured to […]


A Day on The Amalfi Coast

Stepping off the train in Sorrento where the local bus departs to Amalfi I had to run the gauntlet straight away. People everywhere and they all wanted on a bus to somewhere along the Amalfi Coast. I got lucky an scored a window seat on the right side of the bus that would allow me to admire the coast line and not the massive rock wall on the other. It […]


Sant’Agnello Simply Beautiful

I departed Naples for Sant’Agnello, one stop from Sorrento on the Peninsula Sorrentina. My final stop on what has been an eye opening adventure for this country boy from Casterton, Australia. Once my few days here were over it would be time to leave Europe and head for the United Kingdom. It was an inevitable situation but try as I might I was doing everything possible to delay it. Still […]


An Afternoon of Naples Sights

I was struggling to like Naples, it just felt like some form of chaos everywhere I looked and it wasn’t sitting well with me. In an attempt to sway my feelings towards the good I set off on foot to see what I could find in an afternoon. Marking out Castel Nuovo, the Royal Palace and finally the National Archaeological Museum as places to see on this very warm italian […]