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Landing in Estonia

Waking up in Helsinki would take some getting used to in my book. The sun going down at midnight was crazy enough but when I was woken up to the sun rising again at 4am, I’d never sleep. Luckily I’m a resilient bugger and nodded off back to sleep until my couch surfing hosts arose a few hours later. With this my first ever couch surfing experience I learnt that […]


Cathedrals and Soumenlinna

With my brief exploration of Helsinki the night before thanks to my Couchsurfing hosts I was looking forward to finding my own way around the city. In the evening I had planned to meet up with my hosts again to take the ferry to the Soumenlinna fortress before crashing at their house that night. Departing the hostel I dumped my gear at my hosts place before wandering off into town […]


Day One Helsinki

Waking up to my bunk mates moving around and preparing to disembark the ship was defiantly not welcome after my late night of drinking. To make things worse it was about 6:30AM and I still had to find my hostel before I could begin to relax. Jumping ship and heading off to the tram that would deliver me in the vicinity of my hostel I was surprisingly joyful. My decision […]


The Ferry to Finland

The last day in any place is a sad one, your leaving familiar surroundings that were once foreign to head to new lands and repeat the process. Still this time I wasn’t leaving via train it was an overnight ferry that takes a good old 16 hours to complete so it had an excitement factor that I was eager to explore. Saying goodbye to my new friends as they made […]