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Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein castle is located high above the village of Hohenschwangau in Germany and was the inspiration for the famous Disney castle we all know so well. Getting to the castle can be done by foot up the steep hill or by taking the shuttle bus that drops you almost at the top. Costs for the shuttle bus is 1.80 euros for one way or 2.60 euros for the return trip […]


Herrenchiemsee Palace

Herrenchiemsee Palace, built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria was modelled on the Palace of Versailles in France. It’s located on the island Herreninsel in the Chiemsee lake (the largest lake in Bavaria), approximately 60 kilometers from Munich. Ferries operate frequently from the many towns that sit on the edge of the Chiemsee lake. On a clear day it makes for quite the relaxing ride as you float across the […]


How Much Did It Cost – Munich Budget

Munich was never on my radar as a place to stop for this trip but with all good backpacking adventures, plans always change. Instead of heading to Austria as originally planned I came here as it allowed the easiest path to my new destination in Italy and what would be the end of my trip around Europe. Quickly made plans don’t always pans out well and as such I could […]


How Much Did It Cost – Berlin Budget

Oh Berlin where do I start, you got me drunk, connected me with another travel blogger and I found an amazing little hostel to park my backpack. Just like my Amsterdam Budget was very much shaped by when the rain was going to fall so too did my stay in Berlin. Luckily having a great little hostel full of fun people made all of that was irrelevant. Berlin on the […]


Munich In A Day

A day to see Munich? tell him he’s dreaming most would say. And they would be right, there is just too much to see and do in this town for just one day. But if you do find yourself with just a day like I did perhaps my adventure can help get you to see some of what there is on offer in Munich. Starting the day with the free […]


A Change In The Air

If anybody has been following me for awhile you might know my original travel itinerary was to leave Prague and stop off in Vienna for a bit before turning for Zurich and onto London. Well you can forget about those plans my friends as now I’m off to Munich, you know the place of BEER!!! OK I’m not just going here for beer, its so I can get myself down […]