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How Do You Plan To Celebrate Christmas This Year?

As I head into my second Christmas in a row home in Australia I’ve been reflecting on how I’ve spent the last few abroad. First it was with friends I’d made in my first year of living in London, the following years with my then girlfriend and now wife and her family in Belgium chasing that elusive white Christmas. In that time I’ve been able to experience different traditions associated […]


Do You Enjoy Spending Christmas Abroad?

Christmas is a funny old-time of year. We spend far too much money on presents, eat way too much food and battle through a day with the family all under the one roof (which could be good or bad depending on how you look at it). This year I’ll be spending Christmas at home in the sunshine after the last three were enjoyed on the other side of the world […]


My First Overseas Trip Part 4

Haven’t been following my journey? Here is Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 I was in Hong Kong, surrounded by strangers and completely out of my comfort zone. Yet it was a surreal feeling and I couldn’t wait to explore. With the few hours of the day left when we arrived some was spent sleeping, the rest we explored the small food court trying to find something to eat […]


Merry Christmas Everyone

Just a quick shout out to everyone to say Merry Christmas. Where ever you are on this fine day may your belly be full, your glass raised high in celebration and most of all that your happy and healthy. I look forward to celebrating Christmas with some of you next year, it can be my shout at the bar 🙂 / CC BY 2.0


Travel Should Be About The Little Things

As the next few days temperature starts to warm up or more commonly known as perfect beer drinking weather in Australia. I am reminded how hot weather and Christmas go hand in hand here in the land down under. We wake Christmas morning to the sun beating down, dress in shorts and a singlet, before running to greet the gifts Santa has brought us. Followed is a lunch, a great […]