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Do You Enjoy Spending Christmas Abroad?

Christmas is a funny old-time of year. We spend far too much money on presents, eat way too much food and battle through a day with the family all under the one roof (which could be good or bad depending on how you look at it). This year I’ll be spending Christmas at home in the sunshine after the last three were enjoyed on the other side of the world […]


Do You Avoid Touristy Places When You Travel?

I’m not here to debate the off the beaten path versus the typical routes people travel as that’s a whole other story. What I’m getting at is would you go to Rome but avoid the Colosseum or Egypt and avoid the Pyramids just because a bunch of other tourists had the same idea? Why am I asking this? Well a recent comment by a follower on The Aussie Nomad facebook […]


Travel And The Internet, Good Or Bad Mix?

I love travel and I love the internet. It’s sort of a given when you start a travel blog and studied in an IT related field but this is less about that and more about how my day-to-day travel life has benefited due to access to the internet. Sure it’s handy to have as a replacement for those guidebooks everybody keeps talking about as a dying market. There are after […]