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Travel Blogger Friday 35

With all of my focus having been on Australia for Australia Day,  I’ve noticed yet another traveller has landed in the land down under. Maybe it the wide open spaces, kangaroos and sunshine that attracts them or it could just be they have a death wish as so many of the worlds deadlist animals call Australia home. No matter the reason, Caroline from is now calling my country home […]


Travel Blogger Friday 34

Recently I’ve been looking for great new blogs that are just waiting to get eyes on their stories. This week I’ve looked a little closer to home and picked up a blog from my temporary home in London. Who is it you ask? well I want you all to go and have a read of Jayne’s blog I’m yet to meet up with Jayne but I can say we […]


Vegemite vs The Aussie Nomad

Having asked some of my fellow travel blogging friends to step up and taste vegemite for me I figured it was time that I proved just how easy it is to eat. So after watching Suzy Guese take on my challenge I just had to set things right and prove that it doesn’t taste like insects. Watch on and see just how tasty vegemite is.


Vegemite vs Suzy

That’s right folks its about time I made someone else suffer enjoy the wonderful taste of VEGEMITE. So while I was in Florence (yes you’ll hear about that soon enough) I got to meet the wonderful Suzy Guese and hang out with her for a few days. Along with the joys of eating pizza and enjoying some wonderful gelato in Italy I opened Suzy’s eyes to the beautiful breakfast spread […]


Vegemite vs Nomadic Chick

Vegemite really seems to be taking off in the travel world as this week I have another attempt on the good stuff. This time its Jeannie of Nomadic Chick fame that has taken on the Vegemite challenge. She wrote about it on her blog but I’ve included the video here for you as well. As you can see its not just Australians that enjoy vegemite and I really don’t think […]


Vegemite vs Stephanie

Another of my fellow travel bloggers has finally stepped up to the plate and tried the vegemite I posted off to them before leaving Australia. This time its Stephanie from… who battled the vegemite monster. Want to know what she thought? well hit the play button below. The outcome… its not good but its not bad. I think I’m claiming that one as a win for Vegemite, and hey […]