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My Top 5 Travel Tips For Exploring A Destination

In over 3 years of travel I’ve learnt a lot about the best ways to un-earth the best travel tips for exploring a new destination. When I started it was all about guide books, they are were a travellers best friend and I can’t remember how many times I referred to it. It was my bible and provided a window into which I would discover the best place to stay, […]


Youth Mobility Visa Ultimate Guide

Over 3 years ago I posted about how to apply for a Tier 5 UK Youth Mobility Visa (previously called the working holiday visa) as an Australian. I’d struggled with finding the correct information so thought to share my experience with the world in the hopes it would help somebody else. The response to my posts has been nothing short of amazing since then so to all of you who’ve […]


Gum Max Duo Travel Battery

Have you ever been caught out by a flat device while travelling? Maybe you forgot to charge your phone the night before or simply left your ipod on play and now its dead flat and your stuck on a bus for the next 6 hours with no music. I know I have, especially when staying in a hostel where power outlets are at a premium. It’s generally at that moment […]


Free Walking Tours

In all my travels I’ve always struggled with orientating myself in a new city. Sure I’ve had maps, researched what I wanted to see and taken notes as best I can. The minute I’ve stepped into the street however all of that changes and I’ll look left or right and be immediately lost. For others that struggle with finding their way around a new city from day one there is […]


What Travel Card Is Best For You

Taking a trip overseas is one hell of a lot of fun. Buying clothes, gear and researching where you might go are some of the most exciting parts of the planning stage. And then there are the more difficult tasks like getting visas, saving money to travel and bidding farewell to the family. Another one of the difficult tasks is working out the best travel card option to get access […]


Picking a Computer for Travel

Just as the world evolves so does the way we travel. Gone are the days of people solely relying on word of mouth and their trusty guide book. Now we travel with smartphones and computers to help navigate the world. But how do you pick a computer for travel? Do you go by weight, look, function or something else entirely? The answer is all the above in my opinion. How […]