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When Am I Leaving

After deciding I was going to travel and start my journey in Europe, I needed to pick a time of year to leave. In reality thought I was always going to start my trip when summer hits in Europe. Having grown up in Australia I’m not sure starting an overseas backpacking lifestyle should start in the middle of a European winter. Especially since Europe is having one hell of a […]


Hello Year of Travel

Its the last day of 2009, I’ve arrived at my parents permanent on-site caravan in the lovely town of Nelson, Victoria. The temperature would be pushing 35 by now given how the plant life is withering under the suns gaze. And I can’t think of a better place to be, especially since I am stuck without mobile phone or internet service, which for and IT geek really is a problem. […]


Casterton, My Home

With my future travel aspirations luring me off to the greater world I often wonder if I will miss home. After reading a post by Candice on How Do You Define Home the other day it made me think about it even more. I grew up in a little country town called Casterton which is recognized as the birthplace of the Kelpie breed of Australian Working Dog. With just on […]


Moving House to Save Money

As I had begun the task of sorting through what to do with all of my belongings and working out what I was keeping, selling and throwing away, the next step was to save money. After all money is the big killer on my travel goals and without it I’m not going to be able to afford the plane ticket let alone survive in Europe. My first money saving tip […]


Merry Christmas Everyone

Just a quick shout out to everyone to say Merry Christmas. Where ever you are on this fine day may your belly be full, your glass raised high in celebration and most of all that your happy and healthy. I look forward to celebrating Christmas with some of you next year, it can be my shout at the bar 🙂 / CC BY 2.0


Travel Should Be About The Little Things

As the next few days temperature starts to warm up or more commonly known as perfect beer drinking weather in Australia. I am reminded how hot weather and Christmas go hand in hand here in the land down under. We wake Christmas morning to the sun beating down, dress in shorts and a singlet, before running to greet the gifts Santa has brought us. Followed is a lunch, a great […]