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The Day I Told Work I Was Leaving

Ever since I made the decision to travel I’ve been dreading the day I had to tell work I was leaving. Perhaps if this had not been my one and only full time job since shrugging off my student lifestyle and budget, it would have been different. All I knew, I was as nervous about this day as I had been when I was sitting in the back seat of […]


My First Overseas Trip Part 1

Some 4 years ago I ventured off on my first trip overseas. As green as a first time traveler can be I headed to Hong Kong for Christmas, then Singapore for the New Year. The idea to go was born from my dreams to travel and my then girlfriends previous travel experience through Asia and New Zealand. It was a perfect fit for me, wanting to travel but unsure of […]


Follow Up On Travel Blogger Friday

Last week I wrote a little tongue in cheek piece for my weekly travel blogger friday post (you can read it here Travel Blogger Friday #6). You see when it comes to slang language I think us aussie’s have to be one of the hardest to work out. I mean who else would think up the term “Liquid Laugh” when it really means to vomit or “Two Pot Screamer” to […]


Tentative Travel Itinerary

With my travel date possibly being moved to early May or late April (reason for this is here in my Travel Dilemma post) I need to become serious about my travel itinerary. I have always wanted my travel itinerary to have a start and end point, with the rest left open for interpretation. All over the travel blog community people say to not over plan your travel. It allows you […]


Travel Dilema

What do you do when your trip plans get fed through the shredder? This is the exact problem I faced when my brother called today informing me his wedding is going to be in October of this year. The problem you ask, well I leave for Europe in June and wasn’t intending on coming home for well over 12 months. My family is very close so there is very little […]


Save on Accommodation and Couch Surf

As a would be backpacker, I’m looking to get around on as little money as possible while traveling the world. In the same breath I’m not looking to extort every cent I can from the people I meet. I mean you’ve gotta be tight when your getting all angry with the street vendor over what works out to be 50 cents right? One way I hope to keep the daily […]