Travel Blogger Friday 39

Travel Blogger Friday 39

When I made the decision to leave the comfort of Australia for the unknown in Europe one factor didn’t worry me as much as it does other people, money. I was working a 9 to 5 job and making enough that while I knew I had to cut back I never had to go without or work crazy hours at a second job.

One traveller that I’m a little in awe of given she’s studying to finish college 4 days of the week and then working the other 3 days to save for her travels is Lauren from I feel lazy just thinking about all that work.

A post she just wrote about extra ways to earn money online got me thinking that so many of us just aim for the big advertising dollar in the sky. Lauren mentions filling in surveys and writing product reviews as a way to make a few extra dollars on the side. It doesn’t pay huge sums but writing product reviews etc would be great for improving your writing skills for your blog and doesn’t take long at all.

Another post that I like to follow on all people’s blog’s was the travel itinerary. Reading about her travel plans from the beginning of her blog compared to reading it now reminds me of when I was making my initial list of travel destinations. It’s so hard to pick a spot and go with it when you are constantly reading new material on a daily basis. Even then when you are on the road your plans will change at some point it’s just a backpacking law.

As Lauren still has 144 days and counting till departure (according to the clock on her blog) I’m looking forward to seeing the journey plan out. With a bit of luck I’ll even get to catch up with her here in England so I can make it known just how jealous I am of her planned Trans-Siberian Railway adventure.

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  1. LAUREN February 25, 2011 at 10:01 AM #

    Thanks for featuring me, Chris! We’ll definitely have to meet up at some point before I leave!

    It’s funny, just this morning I was thinking about how much my itinerary has changed from the very beginning until now! I pretty much scrapped my original idea completely and have a totally different route altogether now! 😀

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