Travel Blogger Friday 38

Travel Blogger Friday 38

Keeping up with everyone’s travel blogs is hard work and something I’m sure many of you can agree with as I glance at my ever growing list of reading material. If only someone would buy me an iPad or similar device so that all my wasted travel time reading the local newspaper could be better spent reading blog material *hint hint anybody*

In the time I do have for blog reading though I’m always finding a new article that makes me think that little bit more and forces me to reflect on what I know. This week I read a post that did just that and it was from Julia over at

Julia wrote a post titled Are We More Adventurous Abroad and after stopping to think about it, I believe we are. Travelling solo forced me to open up and climb out of my shell so to speak. Once I was out there I found myself standing at the front of the group to try things rather than hiding at the back like I would at home.

Sure it could have just been the fact I didn’t know anybody so didn’t have that feeling of I dont want to look stupid in front of people I know syndrome. In the end I think having made the decision to travel solo I had empowered myself to be a better me and that lead to my new found adventurous spirit. What do you think?

And just quickly because any post that involves alcohol is always worth mentioning. Julia recently had the joy of not only meeting some Google folk but even better (yes I’m and IT guy and I’m saying better than meeting google folk) she toured the Guinness Factory. And while I’m still not sold on Guinness myself how can you beat a pint from a 360 degree bar like the one offered there (hit up her blog for the pictures).

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  1. AYNGELINA February 18, 2011 at 1:06 PM #

    It´s about time someone featured Julia! I love her blog and approach to traveling.

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