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Do You Avoid Touristy Places When You Travel?

I’m not here to debate the off the beaten path versus the typical routes people travel as that’s a whole other story. What I’m getting at is would you go to Rome but avoid the Colosseum or Egypt and avoid the Pyramids just because a bunch of other tourists had the same idea? Why am I asking this? Well a recent comment by a follower on The Aussie Nomad facebook […]


Great Ocean Road – The 12 Apostles

The 12 Apostles are an iconic landmark along the Great Ocean Road and are well worth the drive along Victoria’s scenic coastline. I grew up just a short two-three hour drive away and it’s only now that I’ve come to appreciate just how much there is to see and do so close to my home. This lookout point is also just one of the many scattered along the coast and […]


Travel And The Internet, Good Or Bad Mix?

I love travel and I love the internet. It’s sort of a given when you start a travel blog and studied in an IT related field but this is less about that and more about how my day-to-day travel life has benefited due to access to the internet. Sure it’s handy to have as a replacement for those guidebooks everybody keeps talking about as a dying market. There are after […]


Knokke Beach

Knokke Beach is a 15-20 minute train ride from Bruges (Brugge) but I bet 99% of international tourists have never made the trip. I’d never have gone there had my girlfriend not wanted to take me away to the Belgian coastline. It’s not like Belgium is known for its beaches, beer and chocolate however… Knokke is just one of many places along the coast that Belgians go to for their […]