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Edison and Ford Winter Estates

There’s a lot I’ve learnt about history in America from taking a two week road trip around Florida. Perhaps one of the more interesting stops was that of the Edison and Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers. I’d had no idea these two great men knew each other, yet alone holidayed together. After taking the tour I even learnt it was Edison that created the battery for Ford to use […]


Robe Foreshore, South Australia

Robe has been a popular destination in my part of Australia for as far as I can remember. Be it a summer holiday, to celebrate the new year or just relax along the stunning Robe foreshore with a bundle of fish and chips. It’s the perfect little coastal stop off and with a view like this right in middle of town its easy to see why huh?


What Motivated Me To Travel

Talk to anybody who’s in love with travel and they will list off destinations, people, activities and much more as reasons that keep them motivated to travel. That kind of excitement is infectious and is something that got me to move from thinking about travel to actually planning and setting off to see Europe. Before that though you need that initial instigator to push your train of thought into one […]


MacKenzie Falls

MacKenzie Falls in the Grampians is perhaps the most impressive waterfall in the entire area. It’s located about 30 minutes drive from Halls Gap along the equally impressive Mount Victory Road which winds its way upwards along narrow twisting roads. Even if you don’t want to see the falls I highly recommend the drive but be sure your car has the power to handle the climb. Upon reaching Mackenzie Falls […]


Tips For An American Road Trip

We’ve all watched movies about taking off on that great American road trip. Some were great movies others were well.. not. Still even as an Australian I loved the idea of taking off on the road with a couple of friends to explore and get a feel for the big old US of A. Now I can finally say I’ve had the chance to experience that little dream while in […]