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Cedar Key Sunset

Many things come and go but I know for certain the sun will rise in the morning and set in the evening. Luckily on my two week road trip across Florida recently I had the chance to admire it on a regular basis. The above Cedar Key sunset was shot after spending some time exploring the town and just seeing where the roads go. Because everyone drives down random roads […]


Dealing With Long Flights

Being from Australia I’ve had to deal with my share of long flights. Singapore is around 9 hours away, Dubai about 14 hours and well if you want to see Europe or America then you can expect a good 24 hours+ of airports and planes to reach your destination. As I prepare for another trip home to Australia this week its got me thinking about how good would it have […]


Apalachicola Trinity Episcopal Church

The Apalachicola Trinity Episcopal Church is said to be one of the early prefabricated buildings in America. The original building was constructed in New York before being floated down the Atlantic coast and around the keys into Apalachicola. A commendable effort considering how far that is and that is was all done by sail boats of the time. For me though I just loved the way the morning sun hits […]


My First Visit To America – Theme Parks

As a kid you grow up in a world of animated cartoons, movies and television so it seemed fitting to end my visit to America surrounded by theme parks dedicated to just that. Back in the day I’d love watching the Flintstones on a saturday morning, now its all about Minions and Harry Potter with just a splash of the old remixed for the new generation of youngsters. Orlando is […]


Sligachan River, Isle of Skye

Sligachan River on the Isle of Skye in Scotland is both beautiful and if you believe the tales contains the fountain of youth. The story goes (short version) that if you hold your head under the water for 7 seconds your face will forever stay young and beautiful. Having just splashed the water on my face I can confirm you’ll need some strong will power to keep your face buried […]


Celebrating the New Year at Hogmanay in Edinburgh

Throughout my life I’ve known one thing, New Year’s celebrations very rarely live up to the hype that surrounds them. Parties organised with friends, nights out in the city or special events always seemed to promise the world and deliver on very little, would you agree? At last however I’ve managed to bring in the New Year with a celebration worthy of calling itself a New Year’s Party and that […]