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Travel Blogger Friday 31

As I’ve just recently passed my 12 months of pretending to be a travel blogger, I’ve found myself searching the travel alleyways for other new travel blogs that I can follow and relive my earlier travel planning days. On this search I have found some great blogs that even at their early stage have me coming back each week to read. So this week I want to share Ashlea’s blog, […]


Paying My Respects At Auschwitz

To date Krakow was all about having a good time so to bring myself back to earth today was going to be Auschwitz day. Opting to catch the local bus instead of the expensive tour option (local bus is a breeze and super cheap) we hopped aboard and relaxed while checking out some of the Polish countryside. Arriving at Auschwitz there is no wandering around on your own, you need […]


Featured Photo: Pompeii, Italy

I’m not sure what I expected when I arrived at Pompeii but I will say this, the site is huge. To think that it was all buried under some 6 meters of ash and lost from the world for over 1500 years is quite astounding. Be sure to set aside a good day to explore the ruins and if its hot pack plenty of water and sunscreen.


Travel Blogger Friday 30

Today I’m lifting this weeks blogger straight from the comments pages of my blog (see it pays to comment on my posts). I’ve been really slack (sorry guys) in keeping up with Amy & Kieron from and the preparations for their long awaited trip. Starting with North America and then onto wherever the wind blows, I’m hopeful that it will bring these guys along my path at some stage. […]


Getting To Know Krakow

Only one thing that can follow lashings of booze and debauchery the night before, a hangover. I rolled around my bed for what I thought was hours (actually 15min) trying to decide if I should get up, stay in bed, get up, empty my stomach contents or just plain old die. Eventually dragging my sorry excuse for a body out of bed I prepared for a stroll into town hoping […]


A Year On…

A year ago today I posted my first ever blog post on why I have decided to travel. looking back now, blogging about my travels has been one of the best decisions I made (apart from the actual travel part). While I hope my writing has improved since that first post I know I have grown as a person. Some 12 months earlier I was just a shy IT guy […]