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Last Drinks for 2010

Yes I know what your thinking another one of THOSE posts. Where I write about how much fun I’ve had during the year doing this and this and this. Bragging about my best work and constantly trying to one up Wes and his increasingly awesome blog posts. Well your WRONG. Yep I don’t need to tell you all that as you already know I’m the beez neez (see I’m modest […]


Kutna Hora and the Bone Chapel

I love party hostels… when I want to party. In Prague I wanted to explore and save the hangover for another country. Unfortunately the drunk americans in my room who had just finished with college for the year really didnt seem to have the same thoughts as me. They ran in and out of my room all night, smoking pot and complaining about not having hooked up with any European […]


Oh Beautiful Prague

After a night of train travel that scared the living daylight out of me I was relieved to have arrived at the train station in Prague. I didn’t care that it was 7 in the morning and that nothing was open to get breakfast or that when I arrived at my hostel I was going to have to wait 3 hours to check in. I was here dammit, and not […]


Featured Photo: Alleyway, Vilnius

While on the walking tour I took in Vilnius our guide lead us down this little alleyway. He claims it was one of the smallest streets in Vilnius but it really didn’t look anything like a street to me. In a small opening was this rickety old stairway leading up to an even older balcony. With the worn away stone pathway below and crumbling buildings surrounding it all, you could […]


Don’t Kick Me Off The Train

After my visit to Auschwitz the previous day and my friend that came to explore Krakow leaving today, it was time for me to be moving on as well. Krakow had grown on me since arriving in the pouring rain and now that I had warmed up to it, it was time to depart. Parting ways with my friend I booked my train ticket for the night train and wasted […]


Featured Photo: First Snow

Coming to the UK to live meant I was going to get to experience a lot of new and wonderful things. One that I was really looking forward too, was the first snow day. I saw this snow covered driveway as I walked to work on my first ever snow day. To me it resembles everything I had imagined about how beautiful things in England can be. It looked like […]