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Playing Twister in Riga

Saying my goodbyes to Tallinn as I bought my bus ticket to Latvia I was sure over the next 2 years of living in this part of the world I would be back in Estonia for some fun. Boarding the bus I took my seat and was surprised to see a coffee machine sitting across from me. Obviously this bus ride wasn’t going to be all bad after all. Setting […]


Closing the Door on Estonia

When you arrive back at your hostel as people are thinking about getting up its a fair sign you don’t wake till the afternoon, and that’s just what happened. Surfacing in the early afternoon I wearily dragged myself to the shower before heading out for the closest food vendor to satisfy my all-night-drinking-fest-hunger. Once refueled I set off to take in the sights of Tallinn one last time before my […]


A Museum and a Splash of Vodka

Having extended my stay in Tallinn I was unsure what was next on the to do list. Obviously given the temperature here (melting point) there was the option of travelling out of town to the beach for the day. I was told it would be filled with people and while the beach is fun I still wanted to explore the sites around town. After some investigation I decided to visit […]


Vegemite vs The Aussie Nomad

Having asked some of my fellow travel blogging friends to step up and taste vegemite for me I figured it was time that I proved just how easy it is to eat. So after watching Suzy Guese take on my challenge I just had to set things right and prove that it doesn’t taste like insects. Watch on and see just how tasty vegemite is.


Touring Tallinn on Foot

There are certain points in my travels where within the first 24 hours of being in a new place I either book extra days because I love it or begin to plan the few things I wanted to see before setting off for another new destination. Given that in 24 hours of being in Tallinn I had met the gorgeous girls that work at the hostel, made a new mate […]


Landing in Estonia

Waking up in Helsinki would take some getting used to in my book. The sun going down at midnight was crazy enough but when I was woken up to the sun rising again at 4am, I’d never sleep. Luckily I’m a resilient bugger and nodded off back to sleep until my couch surfing hosts arose a few hours later. With this my first ever couch surfing experience I learnt that […]