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Featured Photo: Skyline of Riga, Latvia

I’ve taken lots of shots from the top’s of buildings or churches since getting to Europe so its only fitting I share them with you all. This is a photo I took from the Sky Line Bar at the Reval Hotel in Riga, Latvia. The bar while being expensive to buy drinks at does offer an amazing 360 degree view of the city and well worth the stop for just […]


Meeting a Friend in Copenhagen

Sleeping well in a 14 bed dorm where all the beds squeak and not a single bed is spare could have been my biggest challenge yet. I’ve hiked over mountains back home sleeping on nothing but rocks with my sleeping bag for comfort but that was nothing. People snoring, people coming in drunk, people getting up early and playing with their plastic bags etc. There is a reason the room […]


Copenhagen and Saying Yes

The train to Copenhagen I thought would be just like every other journey I’ve taken so far. And for most of the trip it was, well except for the bit that involves a ferry…. Yes travelling across Germany just taking in the scenery and then next thing I know I’m being told to be ready to get off the train once it gets onto the ferry. Sure enough the train […]


Featured Photo: Amalfi Coast Italy

Having just toured this amazing area I had to share a photo of the Amalfi Coast in Italy with you all. I can’t believe I almost didn’t see this beautiful coast line while I was in Italy. I urge everybody to head down to Sorrento in Italy and jump the bus towards Amalfi. Along the 1-2 hour drive just soak up the 30 or so kilometers of amazing coast line. […]


Discovering Berlin on Foot

Continuing the theme of walking tours and slightly comforted by the fact the rain seemed to have stemmed its tide, I left D at the hostel and headed off with another Aussie for the free walking tour run by the same company I’ve previously explored Paris and Amsterdam with. Berlin however had the biggest turnout I have seen for these tours to date. Split into approx. 6 groups of 20 […]


Travel Blogger Friday 26

As my trip is on the verge of ending, another is about to begin. A fellow 2010 #rtwsoon club member is about to embark on his trip starting in Europe, but this trip is in style. Joel from will be travelling via bike in Europe. Now I’ve enjoyed my train travel throughout Europe, I’ve seen amazing views along the way and been able to just relax on the trip. […]