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Vegemite vs Nomadic Chick

Vegemite really seems to be taking off in the travel world as this week I have another attempt on the good stuff. This time its Jeannie of Nomadic Chick fame that has taken on the Vegemite challenge. She wrote about it on her blog but I’ve included the video here for you as well. As you can see its not just Australians that enjoy vegemite and I really don’t think […]


The Alternative Walking Tour of Berlin

Just like Amsterdam it was cold and wet when I packed up to leave the hostel I was in and head across to the same one as D. The problem was only compounded after I got lost yet again trying to find the place. I really think I should have invested in a local sim card for my phone so I can use the built in GPS on my iPhone […]


Featured Photo: Swedish Rune Stone

While in Stockholm I stopped off at Scansen, the world’s oldest open air museum. The museum serves to show what different parts of Sweden looked like over time. Along with buildings there were several Rune Stone’s within the museum. The one above was one above was my favorites. Below is the writing from the accompanying sign post to explain it. Rune stone from Uppland bearing the signature of Asmund Karesson […]


From Amsterdam to Berlin

My final day in another city and Amsterdam must have realised, as it turned on the sun for a change. With my camera in hand I set off to wander the suburbs and snap a few photos before that beautiful shine disappeared. Walking along canal after canal and stopping off at a little bakery for a bite to eat I was finally enjoying my time in Amsterdam. Sure hanging with […]


Travel Blogger Friday 25

This week I’ve got to make up for my lack of internet presence and thank a long time supporter of everything I have done so far. As a travel community everyone helps everyone, there is no (I hope) I’m better than you mentality. I do my best to return the RT’s on twitter or comments on my blog but recently I’ve found myself floundering in returning the good will bestowed […]


Vegemite vs Stephanie

Another of my fellow travel bloggers has finally stepped up to the plate and tried the vegemite I posted off to them before leaving Australia. This time its Stephanie from… who battled the vegemite monster. Want to know what she thought? well hit the play button below. The outcome… its not good but its not bad. I think I’m claiming that one as a win for Vegemite, and hey […]